In ear hearing aids

Almost ‘Invisible’ devices. No fitting required.

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HD 250 Digital Hearing Aid
Mid-range in-the-ear hearing aid, with enhanced speech clarity
$479.00 per ear
HD 151 Digital Hearing Aid
Entry-level in-the-ear hearing aid, with improved noise reduction
$349.00 per ear
HD 500 Digital Hearing Aid
Top of the range in-the-ear hearing aid with unique ‘open fit’ design
$999.00 per ear
HD 230 Digital Hearing Aid
Mid-range, ‘one size fits all’ adjustable in-the-ear hearing aid
$499.00 per ear
HD 91 Digital Hearing Aid
Entry-level, easiest-to-use in-the-ear hearing aid
$259.00 per ear

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Almost ‘Invisible’ devices. No fitting required.
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